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09h00 – 20h00 – Fecha às quartas
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08h30 – 20h00 – Fecha às terças
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Our history


The bakery that would later be known as Piriquita was founded in 1862, about 160 years. Worked there Amaro dos Santos, a baker by trade and his wife Constância Gomes.

The name Piriquita comes from the nickname that King Carlos I gave Constância Gomes, based on her short stature. It was King Carlos I who encouraged the couple to bake the famous Queijadas, the sweet he enjoyed during his summers in Sintra. The success was immediate and fast the bakery turned into pastry.

Over the 160 years much has changed but too much remains the same, like the quality of the products and the family that is dedicated to serve its customers around the world. In the 40’s while much of the world was getting wrecked, in Sintra was born a new treasure. Constância Cunha, granddaughter of the founder, developed the Travesseiro, a pastry stuffed with sweet eggs and with a almond touch, but with the secret so well guarded that only the direct family has access to the stuffing recipe.

Today with the fifth generation this is a rare case of survival of a family project.

  1. PIRIQUITA is born in the Village of Sintra


  2. Award-winning Queijadas


    The Queijadas from Piriquita are awarded in the Regional Exhibitions of Sintra

  3. Honor Diploma


    Delivery of the "Honor Diploma", being the only factory rated with the highest distinction in the Regional Exhibition of Sintra in September 1926.

  4. Travesseiros da Piriquita® and Pastéis de Cruz Alta®


    Registration of these two trademarks by António Manuel Santos Cunha



    The trademark is registered by António Manuel Santos Cunha

  6. Sintra was declared a World Heritage of Humanity


  7. Merit for Social Responsibility Diploma


    Delivery of the Merit for Social Responsibility Diploma on the part of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia

Our Pastry



With the shape of a pillow (cushion) cake, the dough-based pastry with egg cream and almond, has a secret ingredient that makes it appealing to the mouths of the whole world. During the periods of the World Wars, Piriquita felt the need to innovate and, Constança Luísa, by reading a book of old recipes, stumbled upon the Travesseiro recipe, which now gives reputation to our Home by being an ex-libris of the Sintra Village.



The origin and history of the delicious Queijadas de Sintra is lost in medieval times in which they were used as a payment form, because Sintra had excellent pastures and excess of fresh cheese, that was used for the manufacture of this sweet. We describe the Queijadas de Sintra as a small and delicious pies made from fresh cheese, sugar, eggs, flour and a little cinnamon wrapped in a crispy batter.


Nozes Douradas

The Nozes Douradas (Golden Nuts), from Galamares, are considered a candy in extinction although it has already been internationaly awarded. The Casa Piriquita still owns the well-kept secret of this beautiful regional product, and still prepares it to sweeten the lives of all the visitors. This is a small irresistible cookie, made of walnut, almond, sugar and fresh sweet eggs.


Pasteis de Cruz Alta

The name of this sweet has as a reference in the highest point of the Serra de Sintra and those who know it say that they are of the best sweets from our house. A unique flavor that involves egg, almond, and beans.

Delighted with these wonders? There’s more! Over the years the Casa Piriquita has been diversifying theirs pastries in traditional cakes and new specialties, having nowadays about 50 different products. Come experience, enjoy and discover your favorite.

Where we are


The Portuguese town with more inhabitants has an immense story and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The richness of gastronomy, monuments, legends and fantastic landscapes make Sintra a mythical place and a memorable destination that deserves the watchful eye of those who pass there.

Here we can breathe the history and discover the Castelo dos Mouros (Castle of the Moors), the magnificent Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace), the Convento dos Capuchos, Palácio Nacional (National Palace) and the Jardins de Monserrate (Gardens of Monserrate). Or simply enjoy the beaches of Samarra, Adraga, Azenhas do Mar, Magoito and Aguda, or the well-known Praia Grande and Praia das Maçãs.

How to get here

Located about 30Km from the capital Lisbon, there are several ways to get to Sintra. The train is the most recommended transport and you can catch it in Rossio – Lisbon (which is served by the Green Metro line). Already in Sintra there is a tourist bus service (434), which leads to the centre of the Village.

If you are in Cascais you can catch a bus too. If you prefer to use the car you should use the route IC19 road, quite busy at peak hours. Its use is not recommended because there are few parking places in the Village of Sintra and the roads are quite narrow.


Rua das Padarias 1/18, 2710-603 Sintra

(+351) 219 230 626